Monday, July 25, 2011

My first blog - Squash as an appetizer :)

I have a passion for cooking and I want to share all of the different recipes that I make on this blog! When I was trying to think of a name for my blog I came across a quote that describes exactly how I feel about cooking: "Southerners can't stand to eat alone. If we're going to cook a mess of greens we want to eat them with a mess of people." -- Julia Reed This is it! I LOVE to cook for my Husband, friends, and family. It brings me so much joy to see someone that I love enjoying the food that I made. I truly enjoy trying new foods, recipes and attempting new cooking techniques. On Friday night I sauteed some squash (from our garden :) ) with some garlic and pepper and topped with Parm. Here is how I did it...

Yellow Squash
Freshly Ground Pepper
Garlic Powder
Block of Parmesan Cheese

1st I chopped the squash into rounds (this picture is the 2nd squash that Ed cut up for me, I forgot to take a picture of the squash I cut up. I got caught up in the moment!)

Meanwhile I melted butter in a large pan. (enough to coat the pan when melted.. about 3-4 tbsp or you could use olive oil!)

After the butter was melted and hot I added the squash into the pan. I seasoned the squash with garlic powder and pepper. 

I cooked the squash rounds for a few minutes on each side, until they were golden brown.

After they were golden brown on each side I took them out and placed them on a paper towel that I had put on a plate. I let them drain for about a minute. I took them off the paper towel and I grated Parmesan cheese over the top. 

Serve warm to your friends and enjoy!!

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